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2019. április 14. 01:00 - !NagyRoli


Made underground and supposed to stay there, but here it is: this is how the blog looks in magazine format. It's accessible, downloadable for one thing in exchange: I need your feedback.

It all started a long ago, when I fall in love with car magazines when I was a kid. I just love the athmosphere and the power of the paper to this day - even digitally. Back in the middle 2000s I had been even daydreaming about starting my own magazine, and probably it played a huge role in that I started blogging.

And recently I found a good occasion to make one. My mate Tony from Sweden provided me some awesome raw content-material two occasions by his BMW-powered Volvo sleeper last autumn and his 1200-hp HKS-2JZ Toyota recently. I was putting together the post about his Toyota when that figurative lightbulb suddenly appeared over my head: hey, I should make a magazine about his cars as a gift.

Seemed a cool challenge and actually it was. I gave it everything I know about publication and brochure making. Really enjoyed working on it and by the end I was really looking forward to know if Tony likes it.

Well, he didn't. He loved it. 

So much that he couldn't resist to hold it back, so he put it online.

I didn't expect that but of course I was touched by his generous gesture. He managed to convince me eventually, so we decided to push some guerilla marketing each on our private social media profiles and make the magazine worldwide.

The next 24-hour period brought a decent amount of positive feedbacks. Likes, shares, reposts... and an Instagram DM by The magazine is awesome. Can't wait to see more.

Whoah... Well, after all these, I'm almost absolutely sure that I will make another magazine in the future.

Untill that happens, click/tap here to see issue #0. And if you have a constructive feedback/advice/anything, I appreciate if you send me in the comments, or via e-mail ( or Messenger. And if you really liked it, you can support me here.

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